Swift & Fika is a single track conference taking place in Stockholm on the 9th and 10th of September. We’re all about Swift, mobile development, and cozy fika breaks.

Beside munching on cinnamon buns, you will be enjoying a series of talks prepared by some of the most passionate and inspiring speakers in the community.

Whether you are a first-timer in the city or a seasoned local, you will get the chance to explore the city and make new friends through a hand-picked selection of social activities ranging from bike tours to museum visits.

Sunday 9th of September 2018 / Social Events, Pre-party, Early Registration

Monday 10th of September 2018 / Conference, Fika, Lunch, After Party


Anastasiia Vixentael
Security Focused Product Engineer at Cossack Labs

Use Cryptography; Don't Learn It

Anastasiia will share with us her experience as a crypto-library author and iOS developer through a story about the mistakes  we usually make when using crypto, tips about “boring crypto”, and what is the current state of  cryptographic libraries.

Anastasiia Vixentael

Anastasiia has been developing  mobile apps for seven years and has been making them more secure in the last three. She is currently maintaining the open-source security library Themis, which allows developers to easily integrate encryption into their apps and infrastructures. Beside that she is conducting workshops and consulting teams about data protection design.

Anastasiia never tried coding on F#.

John Sundell
Creator of Swift By Sundell, Stacktrace Podcast Co-host

The Lost Art of System Design

App architecture is a topic that is very commonly discussed in the iOS developer community, but most conversations tend to focus on design patterns and letter combinations—In this talk, John will take a step further and explore how system design can be a really powerful tool to create well-rounded architectures for apps of any size and complexity.

John Sundell

John builds apps, games & developer tools. He also makes Swift by Sundell – a weekly blog & podcast about Swift development. He has worked for companies like Volvo & Spotify, and is now an iOS freelancer. He’s the creator of several open source projects and loves to share his work with other developers.

Meghan Kane
iOS Developer at Novoda, author of Core ML: Machine Learning for iOS



Meghan Kane

Meghan is an iOS developer at Novoda in their Berlin office. She is the co-creator and instructor of a Udacity course on Core ML. When not coding, she can usually be found reading at a coffee shop or cycling. In her former life, she lived in the US and studied Mathematics & CS at MIT.

Roy Marmelstein
iOS at Spotify & Creator of PhoneNumberKit



Roy Marmelstein

Roy works on iOS at Spotify. He is the creator of PhoneNumberKit, Interpolate and Zip.

Paul Hudson
Author of Hacking with Swift

How Not to Write Swift

Swift gives us a dazzling array of features we can deploy to really screw up our code, so why use just one when you can have them all? Sometimes it's easier to learn what's right by seeing what's wrong, so in his talk, Paul will walk us through example code and fix the issues that come up.

Paul Hudson

Paul is the creator of Hacking with Swift, author of books about iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, public speaker, Rubik's cube enthusiast, and herder of his kids.

Daniel Kennett
Indie App Developer & Creator of Cascable



Daniel Kennett

Daniel is an independent iOS and Mac developer currently working on Cascable, a tool for working with WiFi-enabled digital cameras. He previously worked at Spotify as an OS X and iOS engineer.

Janina Kutyn
iOS Developer at Adyen, ex 

The Amazing Race: Performance of Standard iOS Elements and Technologies

In her talk, Janina will take us in a tour around  the performance aspects of common iOS technologies such as Auto Layout and  UIKit text controls, then highlight the differences between them and the compromises that we have to make as developers.

Janina Kutyn

Janina is an Amsterdam-based iOS engineer with an international background: she studied Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia, and has worked in Vancouver, London, and Silicon Valley. Janina’s passion lies in developing sleek and performant user interfaces, a focus she has honed in a variety of roles. At Apple, she was part of the team that launched Apple Music. Today, on Adyen’s iOS team, Janina is helping bring their disruptive payment processing technology to apps around the world.

Yoichi Tagaya
iOS engineer & engineering manager at Mercari

Practical Structure to Configure Dependency Injection in Swift for iOS

In this talk, Yoichi—the original author of Swinject, the most popular DI framework for Swift—will introduce a practical structure to configure Dependency Injection with a minimum architecture written in Swift for iOS. The talk is based on Yoichi's experience developing a production app used by tens of millions of users.

Yoichi Tagaya

Yoichi is an iOS developer working at Mercari Inc, which provides a marketplace app for anyone to buy and sell items from a mobile device. He is also an open source contributor, and the original author of Swinject, the first and the most popular dependency injection framework written in and for Swift.

Venue & Location

Our talks and fikas will take place at Norra Latin, a historical venue that served as a school for over a century before it was turned into a conference space.

It’s located in the heart of Stockholm within walking distance from many of the capital’s renowned landmarks, with easy access to public transportation, hotels, and eateries.

Social Activities

Swift & Fika is not only about listening to great talks, but also meeting new people and exploring the beautiful city of Stockholm. Included in your ticket are social activities that we do on the Sunday before the conference track. As an attendee, you get to choose which activity to attend and meet like-minded! Confirmed activities:

  • Stockholm by bike tour
  • Old Town & Djurgården walking tour
  • Photographic workshop sponsored by Profoto
  • Funfair Pentathlon at Gröna Lund
  • Kayaking around Långholmen

More info TBA

Dinner With Strangers

Swift & Fika is all about meeting new people in the community. Inspired by Nordic JS, we’re organizing something called Dinner with Strangers. It works like this: we reserve tables for six at our favorite restaurants around Stockholm and then we pair you up with five people you’ve never met before for a dinner. If you’re interested you can signup for one as the conference gets closer. It’s of course optional :)

After-party by Spotify

As soon as the last fika is over and all our speakers are done with their talks, we will head to possibly the best rooftop terrace in Stockholm for a celebration at the Spotify office. Enjoy food & drinks with new & old friends and have fun with our party activities, surprises included!


Together with Nordic Choice Hotels,  we have an unmissable offer for all our attendees to stay at Clarion Hotel Sign at a discounted price of 1 395 SEK per room (Single) or 1 595 SEK per room (Double) valid until the 24th of July.

Located just across the street from our conference venue, Norra Latin, and within walking distance from Central Station, it's the perfect place to stay during your visit.

Look here for instructions how to book a room using this offer.

Diversity & Student Tickets

Together with our diversity sponsors iZettle, Qvik, Mercari, and Included.works, we're excited to give away for free a batch of tickets for students and people of underrepresented groups in tech. This includes, but is not limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships.

We also have a limited amount of travel grants sponsoring three nights at Clarion Hotel Sign and covering travel costs up to 600 EUR.

Use this application form to apply. Any student or person from an underrepresented group with an interest in Swift development is invited to apply.

Code of Conduct

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as participants and organizers pledge to making participation in our community a harassment-free and safe experience for everyone, regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political views or any other attribute or belief.

We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate.

Participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from Swift & Fika at the discretion of the organizers.

Organized by

Alek Åström @MisterAlek alek@swiftandfika.com

Partnerships, Sponsorships & General Inquiries

Reda Lemeden @kaishin reda@swiftandfika.com

Speakers, Marketing & Branding


We're looking for a co-organizer!  Apply here.